Useful Tech Gadgets for Senior Citizens

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We know that many retirees prefer to stay at home and enjoy their independence without the scrutiny of family or caregivers, but their preference to live alone usually worries family members.  The good news is that the situation can be helped with the use of modern technology.

Seniors can now live more comfortably in their own homes with the use of some tech gadgets that make chores and activities easier to do.  The following are five useful gadgets ideal for independence-loving elders.

1.  Oregon Scientific WR202 Digital Handheld Emergency Alert Radio – This radio is very useful during emergency situations.  It is designed to warn seniors of bad weather and alert them of any other problems in their area. It has all the features of an emergency radio such as a flashlight, USB charge port for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphone/tablet, and Blackberry.

The cool thing about this radio is that if it is turned off, it will automatically turn itself on to let the warning come in.  It is priced at $62.99 at

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2.  Samsung Galaxy Note – There aren’t many cellphones specifically made for senior citizens.  Most have small screens and tiny buttons that are difficult to use, especially for people age 60 and up. The Samsung Galaxy Note has a bigger screen than ordinary cellphones and larger touch screen buttons that allow elders to easily use it. Though this cellphone is not designed with seniors in mind, it doesn’t mean that it is not comfortable to use, especially for those who are already comfortable with using technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a newly released smartphone that categorizes itself in the middle of ordinary phones and tablets in terms of size.  It is also ideal for senior citizens who love to travel but still prefer to be connected with loved ones and their friends at home.  This cellphone is priced at $542.99 at

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3.  Garmin Forerunner 610 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – This monitor watch is ideal for seniors who run or walk daily as part of their physical exercise routine.  It features the latest technology to help them with their exercise or training program.

The watch has easy menu and settings interface that help users to track their exercise goals.  Its GPS enabled receiver is highly sensitive.  It also automatically syncs training data with a computer.  It is priced at $399.99 at

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4.  Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook – This eBook reader offers easy reading features such as the option to change text sizes. It is priced at $154 at

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5.  Nintendo Wii Game Console – This fun and interactive game system is ideal for seniors who want to remain active. Elders who love to play golf but are not able to travel to golf courses due to health issues, can enjoy golfing in the premise of their own homes by making use of Wii Sports.

This game technology also allows grandparents and grandchildren to bond together by doing light sports or games in their very own living room.  It is priced at $299.99 at

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