Humetrix Launches the iBlueButton App to Share Patient Information

Humetrix, an IT company that specializes in data storage and customized web access software, recently launched an open consumer app that allows patients to share medical information with health care providers. The initiative behind the product is to provide “direct and easy access for patients to their medical records,” said Bettina Experton, CEO at Humetrix. Available through the iTunes store, iBlueButton provides device to device interaction in real time between a patient and healthcare provider, or vice versa, at point of care.

The app works through secure password-enabled software that allows patients to access their medical history. By using the “push” feature, patients can send over information with their mobile device. The app can access patient history and care through any healthcare platform and plan from Aetna to Medicare, and allows patients to download and store their histories on their mobile device. The companion to this app is iBlueButton Professional, intended for healthcare providers, this app is accessed through the same password enabled software. iBlueButton is an open app that can use other apps to access information more effectively. Users can also open email attachments and correspondences through the app.

The apps “log and brand” feature monitors interaction between patient and doctors by “logging” direct interactions into memory, while “branding” changes made to healthcare procedure by each provider. Once information has been accessed or pushed from patient to provider or vice versa, a log chronicling the interaction between patient and care provider and adjustments made to healthcare strategy is created. This thread cannot be deleted and provides patients and healthcare providers with a source of reference in the future.

The app displays patient information down to its basic form, with patient profiles providing contact info, emergency contacts and frequent pharmacy use. Adding to the log and brand feature, the app automatically creates a contact tab after contact with any provider or patient that information has been “pushed” to.

The tagline to the app is “information securely follows patients whenever and wherever they seek care,” but a great value of the app lies in its ability to gauge quality of care metrics and decrease the number of mistakes that occur through a lack of sufficient interaction between primary and secondary healthcare providers.

The iBlueButton app and iBlueButton Professional along with a catered version of the app called iBlueButton Veteran is available to the general public. The android version of the app will also be available soon, although the launch date has yet to be announced.

Watch the iBlueButton demo at Health Datapalooza below.