Body 2.0: Upgrade Your Body

This week Health 2.0 and announced a totally new event in the Health 2.0 roster — Body 2.0.

Body 2.0 is an interactive expo showcasing the latest innovations in personal health. The event is a collaboration with and is Health 2.0’s first ever production to be offered to the public. The event will take place on October 7th, 2012, at Terra Gallery in San Francisco.

Body 2.0 begins with a simple premise: give people the tools to upgrade their bodies and they will upgrade their lives.

The impetus for Body 2.0 comes from the recent explosion in new technologies for personal health, from lightweight sensors that dynamically track our biometrics to apps that guide us to another level in fitness, whether we are yogis or triathletes or couch potatoes.

Body 2.0 builds on this momentum and offers the public a way to finally experience all of the innovations being produced on their behalf in a hands-on, interactive setting that also includes the best of the Bay Area’s health food and inspiring speakers engaging listeners on topics ranging from personal genetics to sex.

Health is now defined by the choices we make every day, not in the doctor’s office once a year. Body 2.0 will be an opportunity for those curious about upgrading their health to see how far the revolution in health tech has come, and for the leaders in health innovation to show off how deeply they are thinking about our bodies.