Sixth Annual Fall Conference Suggested Agenda for Providers

Health_Spring_Mon_120People might not relate the term “Health 2.0″ to health care providers, but at Health 2.0, we know better. You’re a doctor, mental health specialist, nurse, physician assistant, Chief Medical Office, or the distinguished like. You want to know what outstanding, trustworthy, and effective technologies will help you care for your patients better while revolutionizing your practice.

At the 6th Annual Fall Conference, we’ll have answers.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been closing the divide between health care and technology since 2007 . This year, we’re narrowing the divide even more with a packed agenda that is sure to stir great debates and change your clinical setting. Some of the panel topics include care transitions, provider workflow and collaboration improvement, and tools for noninvasive diagnosis. We’ve even created a suggested agenda catered to the interests of health care providers.

So what are you waiting for? Print, save, or send this sample agenda and register here.

Doctors 2.0 - 1:00-5:00pm
Patients 2.0 - 1:00-5:00pm

Opening Curtain Raiser by Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya - 8:00am
Keynotes by Joe Flower (Healthcare Futurist) & Mark Bertolini (Aetna) - 8:30am
Deep Dive by Janssen Healthcare - 10:15am
Demos in Context: A Live Environment Exploring Personal Trackers - 11:00am
Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transition Improvement - 12:00pm
Big Data Meets Real [time] People - 1:15pm

Breakout Sessions:
The Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration - 2:30pm
The Well Woman: Reproductive Health in the 21st Century - 2:30pm

Deep Dive by Hello Health - 3:30pm

Breakout Sessions:
Improving the Inpatient Experience: Tools for Hospitals Pt. 1 - 4:15pm
Would You Like An App With That?: Making Smarter Food Choices - 4:15pm
Please Hold the Needles: Tools for Noninvasive Diagnosis - 4:15pm

Unmentionables: From the Bank to the Bedroom - 5:15pm
End of Day Wrap Up by Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya - 6:15pm
Cocktail Reception - 6:30pm

Intro by Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya - 8:00am
3 CEOs Panel - 8:10am
Care Delivery Transformed by Technology - 9:00am
Deep Dive by Audax Health - 10:15am

Breakout Sessions:
The Carrot Or the Stick: Incentivizing Employee Wellness - 11:00am
Improving the Inpatient Experience: Tools for Hospitals Pt. 2 - 11:00am
Platforms for Partnership: Tools for Patient-Provider Communication - 11:00am

Demos in Context: Health 2.0 in the Clinical Setting - 12:00pm
Launch! - 1:30pm

Breakout Sessions:
Golden Years Going Digital: Tools for Healthy Aging - 3:30pm
Birds of a Feather: Online Patient Communities - 3:30pm
Start Your Engines!: Search and Content - 3:30pm

Deep Dive by athenahealth - 4:30pm
The Future of Personalized Medicine - 5:15pm
End of Day Wrap Up by Matthew Holt & Indu Subaiya - 6:00pm
Cocktail Reception - 6:15pm

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