StartUp Health Announces Its Second Class

Fall is back to school season, and a new class of 12 companies will soon begin their studies at the StartUp Health academy. StartUp Health is often externally referred to as a health incubator, as it provides mentorship opportunities and access to investors just like other incubators Rock Health, Blueprint Health and Healthbox. But StartUp Health can also be thought of as higher education for maturing health care companies. One third of this class’ enrollees have already participated in a digital health accelerator.

In general this class is a relatively experienced group, which includes startups that have initial financial backing or product or customer traction. In fact, you might have already heard of some of them like Avado, CakeHealth or Greatist. They join ten other companies that were accepted to the program earlier this year.

StartUp Health’s members sign onto a three-year long program when they join. Over that period of time they participate in live and online workshops as well as demo days. As StartUp Health accepts companies to the program on a rolling basis, it slowly grows closer to its goal of sending 1,000 startups through its curriculum in 10 years.

Below are company description excerpts from the press release. For more information on each startup, read here.

Dave Chase and Bassam Saliba, Avado

Dave and Bassam are entrepreneurs on a mission to make it easier for patients and providers to communicate. Together, Dave and Bassam co-founded Avado, a PatientRelationship Management system dubbed “GPS for Healthcare” that is the next generation, EHR-neutral patient portal built for the new requirements facing healthcare providers such as medical homes and Accountable Care Organizations.

Jonathon Feit and Christian Witt, Beyond Lucid Technologies

Jonathon and Christian are entrepreneurs on a mission to improve emergency care by putting digital innovations in the hands of EMTs and Firefighters. Jonathon (CEO) and Christian (President & CTO) co-founded Beyond Lucid Technologies. The company’s MEDIVIEWTM Platform is designed to connect First Responders with care facilities, including Accountable Care Organizations.

Rebecca Woodcock, CakeHealth

Rebecca is an entrepreneur on a mission to help people save money on healthcare by
bringing transparency to health expenses. Rebecca is the founder and CEO of CakeHealth, a free web service that makes it easy for people to understand and manage all their health expenses.

Alan Blaustein and Nancy Snyderman, MD, CarePlanners

Alan’s passion for healthcare solutions began with his thymic cancer diagnosis in 2005. Frustrated with the limited resources available to effectively navigate the healthcare system, he leaned on his longtime friend Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s Chief Medical Editor, for support. After Alan’s recovery, the friends realized there was a need for a service to help patients and caregivers make better decisions amid the healthcare system’s many complexities.

Sherwin Sheik, CareLinx

Sherwin is an entrepreneur on a mission to leverage technology to disrupt, disintermediate and improve the entire in-home caregiving service delivery industry. Sherwin is the founder and CEO of CareLinx, an online professional caregiver network that provides solutions to help consumers & institutions easily find, screen, manage and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget.

Steven Eisenberg, MD, Chemotopia

Steven is a serial entrepreneur and physician on a mission to make cancer suck less. Chemotopia, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the first application that prepares patients for every aspect of the journey through chemotherapy treatment. Chemotopia offers a supportive community of real patients helping and learning from one another andtimely and pertinent information for cancer patients as they go through the different stages of chemotherapy.

Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA, Sachin Nanavati, and Derek Juang, MD, Docphin

Mitesh, Sachin, and Derek are a team of physicians and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform the way we practice medicine. They co-founded Docphin, a platform for healthcare providers to personalize, share, and connect through medical research, while enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements.

Eve Phillips, Empower Interactive

Eve is an entrepreneur on a mission to reduce the cost and accessibility of behavioral health solutions and transform evidence-based psychotherapy. Eve is the co-founder and CEO of Empower Interactive, a telehealth and e-learning company, which is headquartered in San Francisco.

Derek Flanzraich, Greatist

Derek is an entrepreneur on a mission to make everyone a “Greatist,” someone who simply makes better choices for their fitness, health, and happiness. Derek is the founder and CEO of Greatist, the fastest-growing site in the health and fitness space with nearly 2 million unique users per month. Greatist, launched in 2011 in New York City, is the first brand to focus on creating a new type of high quality social content consumers can trust.

Venkat Gullapalli, MD, Medikly

Venkat is a physician, pharmaceutical marketer, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to reinvent how pharmaceutical brands communicate with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Venkat is the founder and CEO of Medikly, a turnkey enterprise platform provider that helps bridge the digital gap between pharma and HCPs.

Eric Leven and Aditya Verma, Rip Road

Eric and Aditya are entrepreneurs on a mission to make patients better by making them better patients. Eric is the President and CEO of Rip Road, Aditya is the COO. Based in New York City, Rip Road develops personalized patient health management programs enabling providers and health plans to engage patients on their mobile devices so that patients learnto communicate with their providers, actively manage their health conditions, and adhere to their treatments and health regimens.

Rosina Samadani, PhD, Truth On Call

Rosina is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to improve communications in healthcare between physicians, industry, media and the government. Rosina is the founder and president of Truth On Call, a mobile market research service that engages with verified physicians in real-time via text.