Eight New Companies to Launch at Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference

Health 2.0 will unveil eight brand new health technology companies at the Launch! session on October 9th, during its Sixth Annual Fall Conference in San Francisco. During the popular session, each of the eight startups will present their products in a series of rapid-fire, back-to-back, four-minute demos. Through a live voting round, the audience will award one astounding company a spot on the main stage at Health 2.0’s Seventh Annual Fall Conference.

Since 2008, Health 2.0 has premiered 65 innovative companies on what has become the industry’s preeminent platform to launch. Launch! alumni include notables WSJ’s 2010 top startup Castlight Health, and consumer biometric monitor Basis.

Here’s a preview of the companies’ making their first appearance on the public stage:

Russell Benaroya, Co-Founder & CEO, will present a platform to get rewards from insurance companies, employers, and brands for being healthier.

First Stop Health
Patrick Spain, co-founder and CEO, will present a tool to consult with your PCP and board-certified specialists, 24/7.

LifeVest Health
Jon Cooper, CEO, will present a platform that allows you and others to invest in your health, with biometric analytics provided along the way.

Jan Bruce, Founder and CEO, will present a tool for stress reduction.

Travis Good, CEO, will present a HIPPA compliant medical education tool for doctors to share thoughts, images, or questions a la Pinterest.

Share the Visit
Elise Singer, Co-Founder & CEO, will present a tool that allows family members and caregivers to televisit at a patient’s medical appointment.

Martin Blinder, Founder, will present a tool that allows you to track life’s mini projects that includes integration with RunKeeper, Foursquare, and Withings.

Rajiv Mehta, CEO, will present an app that allows caregivers to coordinate care of a loved one between family members and the care team.

Watch these startups launch and compete for main stage glory at the Sixth Annual Fall Conference. Register here.

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    The @EveryMove team is incredibly excited about the opportunity to launch our product and movement at Health 2.0.