Innovative but Controversial Products? Bring Them On

Health technology companies have a diverse range of options for funding like joining an incubator, entering a series round, and now, participating in a crowdfunding platform. It makes sense, being that Health 2.0 itself was founded on the idea of “user-generated health.”

That’s why, on the first day of our Sixth Annual Fall Conference, we’ll be presenting a panel on the major types of funding that exist for startups named “The New Bankroll: Novel Mechanisms to fund a Health 2.0 Startup.” Moderated by Unity Stoakes of StartUp Health, this panel will feature demos and discussions on how to discern which type of funding is right for startups at different stages.

In preview of the panel, we asked speakers representing the crowdfunding platforms MedStartr, Health Tech Hatch, and WeFundr, the question below: