Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Body 2.0

1. Keynote speaker Arlene Blum, conqueror of toxic chemicals and tall mountains. Voted one of the World’s Most Inspirational Women by the UK Guardian, she tops the title; she is a biophysical chemist keeping harmful chemicals away from children, as well as the first woman to climb Mt. Everest.

2. Finding out which foods really are healthy. Learn about body-enhancing food with the Body 2.0 Nutrition Panel, where top nutritionists will demystify the world of healthy eating.

3. Linda Fogg-Phillips, mother of eight active children, and pioneer of the Mobile Health Family, will navigate the health tech household. Find out why the heart of the home may be the hearth, but the health of the home is tech.Feast your eyes on

4. EyeNetra’s revolutionary eye-care technology. Using smartphones, EyeNetra is making eye tests accessible.

5. Winning prizes!  Who wouldn’t want to win a FitBit? All it takes is a stroll around SOMA lead by Kaiser docs to enter in the draw.

6. Test your health with the SoloHealth checkup kiosk. Make it a who’s healthier competition – loser buys the winner NomNom Food Truck “nomworthy” food (parked conveniently outside).

7. Past-the-future technology. Amar Kendale and MC10’s innovative health technology is wearable, stretchable, and sometimes invisible. Find out how they plan to save lives.

8. Dr. Alan Greene, a man on a mission to improve the lives of people age 0 to 100. He is known as the pioneer of the physician web, and is a published author, father, and the founder of KidGlyphs. He’s kinda like the superman of family health.

9. Tal Rachleff, a yoga teacher who sees the collective power of yoga in the 21st Century, will be leading 3 yoga break sessions during the expo. Gather together, and stretch out.

10. Free healthy food samples. Just like why you go to Costco, but healthy and delicious.