News & Updates

Human resources and health benefits consultancy Aon Hewitt will unveil its own online health benefits exchange this fall. Its exchanges will exists independent from the state exchanges that are supposed to be up and running by 2014.

NantHealth launched the United States’ quickest genomic supercomputing platform, which can analyze a cancer genome in 47 seconds. The supercomputer analyzed 6,017 cancer genomes from 3,022 patients with 19 different cancer types in 69 hours. Genomic analysis typically takes eight to ten weeks.

NuMedii partnered with Aptalis Pharma to develop new treatments for people with gastrointestinal disorders and cystic fibrosis. NuMedii uses Big Data technology to predict which therapies have a high probability of success.

ZocDoc debuted ZocDoc Check-In, which compliments the company’s existing appointment finder. Check-In lets patients fill out medical forms online before their doctor’s visit.

A new study looked at the effect that sharing appointment notes between patients and physicians over Internet portals had on patient experience and outcomes. The results were very positive: 77% to 87% of patients said that Open Notes helped them feel more in control of their care, and 60% to 78% of those taking medications reported increased medication adherence.

The Qualcomm Foundation awarded Scripps Health a $3.75 million grant to fund clinical trials of wireless biosensor systems, the creation of retail store diagnostic tests, and to fund the development of apps and embedded sensors for tracking and predicting heart attacks and diseases.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions launched a cloud portfolio to help clients in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries meet HIPAA requirements. Verizon will allow users to store mass amounts of electronic-protected health information and will let them share information in near real-time.

PingMD, creator of a smartphone app that allows parents to quickly communicate with their child’s pediatrician, raised $1.3 million, according to an SEC filing.

Kaiser Permanente released the results of a study, which found that the use of electronic medical records improved diabetes care. Researchers said that EMRs helped clinicians to target treatment changes and to stay on top of patients’ follow-up testing.

Health expense manager company Simplee partnered with El Camino Hospital to launch an integrated medical bill and explanation of benefits (EOB) system. Simplee will take the hospital bill and match it with an insurer’s EOB to resolve charges, explain claims and scan for any errors.

Health IT consulting company Exsede just launched. Austin-based Exsede aims to provide technical and business development services for health care companies adopting new technologies.