The Best of the Speaker Interview Series

Brian Cusack, Google, Big Data Meets Real [time] People Panel

“What we’ve been doing in the field really to this point is telling the same kind of story but without the statistical data to back it up. Now we have the backup.”

Andrew Litt, MD, Dell, The Future of Personalized Medicine Panel

“Physicians and others are going to need to be brought up to speed and constantly educated about what the appropriate use of that technology is.”

Cyrus Massoumi, ZocDoc, Three CEOs Panel

“Everyone in the business that’s been here longer than six months has equity in the business. We want all to behave like an owner and make decision like an owner.”

Steve Schelhammer, Phytel, Three CEOs Panel

“Quality and value-based reimbursement is a new model for reimbursement. I really think that there is no way that that’s going to go back.”

Mike Long, Essence Group Holdings Corporation, Three CEOs Panel

“It was a little over trillion dollar industry when we launched Healtheon/WebMD, and it’s a $2.6 trillion industry now. So we failed in our mission to bend the cost curve of health care.”

David Ewing Duncan, When I’m 164, The Future of Personalized Medicine Panel

“Prediction is always difficult and usually wrong, but it at least can give us a shape of where things might go.”

Joe Flower, Healthcare Beyond Reform, Keynoter

“When you reach a point where … 20%, 25%, 30% of the market is competing in this different way, then … all the people who make up their financing chain will have to adapt.”

Fred, Developer Q&A Panel

“If you work with developers and you are not 100% confident that you understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, then you should be there.”

Anthony Shimkin, Qualcomm Life, Platforms for Unplatforms Panel

“How many new populations that didn’t have access to care before may now have access to care at a basic level through a simple cellphone?”

Alex Fair, Medstartr, The New Bankroll Panel

“Our favorite project is a project that’s part of the Saving a Million Mothers campaign. It’s an intra-uterine tamponade that uses a male condom to prevent postpartum hemorrhage.”

You can catch these speakers on the main stage and during breakout sessions at the Health 2.0 Annual Conference, or tune in to Health 2.0 News to watch the show streamed live next week.

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