Debuts and the Fan Favorite: Launch Winner Announced

This week Health 2.0 held its annual Launch! segment during the San Francisco Conference. Eight companies debuted on the main stage, and each was given four minutes to demo. At the end of the presentations, the best new company was put to a popular vote. Audience members texted in their favorite, and at the end of the fast-paced session, health dashboard creator TicTrac took first place. Here’s more about the company and the others that premiered:

TicTrac is what founder Martin Blinder calls a lifestyle design company. It created a tool that integrates with RunKeeper, Foursquare, and Withings. A colorful and design-focused dashboard displays all of the health data points users collect about themselves. The app allows information to be crossed, so that users can look at how one set of health measurements correlate with another.

EveryMove is a health rewards platform. Users earn merchandise and gift cards for healthy behavior like running, biking or mowing the lawn. The program connects to employers and health plans, and they can sponsor the rewards.

CEO of First Stop Health Patrick Spain said his company aims to provide affordable concierge health care. Users pay a yearly subscription fee and then have access to primary care physicians 24/7 via telephone. First Stop Health has 500 licensed doctors on board.

LifeVest Health is an incentive program that lets users earn money for improving their health. The program starts by collecting initial health measures. Then after three months, those measures are taken again. If the user is healthier, he gets paid. The program can be sponsored by an employer or by friends and family.

MeQuilibrium was presented by CEO Jan Bruce, who said that stress is the new obesity. The stress management program begins with an assessment that helps users to identify areas that create the most anxiety in their lives. It then personalizes a path to reduce stress using integrative medicine and behavioral therapy. (formerly Mobicratic) aims to be a HIPPA-compliant Pinterest for doctors. Physicians can share thoughts, images or questions on a scrolling online board. For example, if a physician sees an unusual lesion he can take a picture, post it, and tag it so that other physicians in the same specialty can take a look.

ShareTheVisit allows relatives and friends to join in on doctors’ visits when they can’t attend them with the patient in person. The user creates a care circle, and they can add members of the circle to a teleconference when the appointment starts. When caregivers are virtually attending a meeting from home or work, they are able to pay attention for the patient and take notes.

Unfrazzle also focuses on facilitating caregiving. Users in a friends and family circle can give each other permission to view each other’s health information. There a user might keep various journals where he tracks things like dizziness, walking and medications taken. Caregivers monitor the information and look out for any red flags, such as if a loved one didn’t take his medication.

  • Josgua

    Is it possible to watch the event on YouTube or other?

  • Martin

    Tictrac actually connects to over 30 different services, not just RunKeeper, Withings and Foursquare ;)