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The Design Rules CareCloud’s Mike Cuesta Lives By

In preparation for Health:Refactored, our code and design focused conference taking place May 13–14, we sat down with Mike Cuesta, Director of Design & Community at CareCloud. He will moderate “UI, UX, & U: Designing for Health - Part II” on … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Middle East — Personal/Public Health: Location, Location, Location

The Health 2.0 Middle East - Dubai Conference will feature an exciting keynote by Bill Davenhall on geomedicine. Mr. Davenhall served as the Global Health and Human Services Solutions Manager at ESRI the largest geographic information system (GIS) software developer in the … Continue reading

Is Russia Ready for Health 2.0?

The Wikipedia article about health care in Russia starts like this: “Russia has more physicians, hospitals, and health care workers than almost any other country in the world on a per capita basis. However, since the collapse of the Soviet … Continue reading

The PCORI Challenge Initiative: Connecting Ideas for Research Collaboration

At PCORI, our mandate is to support research that will help patients and those who care for them make better-informed health and health care decisions. To meet this goal, we’ve made it clear that we plan to support “research done … Continue reading

Health 2.0′s Appy Holiday Wishlist!

The holidays are a time for joy and merriment. But during the break, a little too much food and drink, or not enough exercise can really ‘weigh’ down celebrations. That’s why we’ve made a list of 10 of our favorite … Continue reading

News & Updates

Beyond Lucid, which created a health record used during emergency situations, announced its Response for Responders campaign. In recognition of the heroism of EMS and fire professionals, especially those who acted in recent crises, the company will donate 5% of … Continue reading

Launch! Demo: Share the Visit with Dr. Elise Singer

During the most recent Health 2.0 Launch! segment, ShareTheVisit CEO Dr. Elise Singer introduced her company’s new application. ShareTheVisit transports family members and other caregivers into their loved one’s medical appointments via teleconference. This way they can be present even when … Continue reading

Matchmaking — the Health 2.0 Way

I recently joined Health 2.0 and was brought on to play matchmaker as part of the company’s rapidly expanding Matchpoint program. The idea of Matchpoint speaks to the traditional role of a matchmaker, which is to find parties that are … Continue reading

News & Updates

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron introduced a new plan to build a database of DNA codes from 100,000 patients. Over the next three to five years thousands will have their whole genomes sequenced. Florida Gov. Rick Scott awarded Voalte’s … Continue reading

Apply to Speak at the Seventh Annual Fall Conference

Applications for the Seventh Annual Fall Conference are open! Our team is looking for the hottest and most innovative technology in health care. Keep in mind that at our conferences, all demos are presented live in our famous three and a half minute format … Continue reading

Launch! Demo: meQuilibrium Stress Management System

To continue with the Launch! demo series, here’s CEO of meQuilibrium Jan Bruce demonstrating the meQuilibrium online personal stress manager. Launch! was held in October at Health 2.0′s Sixth Annual Fall Conference. During the session, presenters have three and a half minutes … Continue reading

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