Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-thon Results: Jog of War and Other Winning Apps

The Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-thon, sponsored by Aetna International, was an intense two-day competition of global proportions. The code-a-thon brought together a diverse group of health technology stakeholders set on creating innovative solutions to disrupt health care.

After an intense two days of rapid prototyping and health hacking, the winning team received a cash prize of €5,000, second place received €3,000, and four runner-ups took home €1,000. But code-a-thons aren’t all about the prizes, some participants score their next big creation. “Code-a-thons can be the foundation of great projects that can be brought to market,” said Health 2.0 Producer Jessica Goldband.

With participants from more than a dozen different countries, and winning teams from nine countries, the Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-thon was brimming with international collaboration. “This code-a-thon was truly a testament to the increasing global interest in using technology to improve health and wellness well beyond the US,” Goldband said.

Health 2.0 code-a-thons are intense, fast-paced events, and Berlin participants took it to the next level. “There was incredibly high energy from beginning to end, and an impressive amount of collaboration and support, even across teams,” Goldband said. “Developers from diverse countries and continents came together with a common interest because they were excited about disrupting the health and wellness industry. They also had great perspective and planned for future work together, even if they weren’t on the same team.”

The winning team Jog of War created a technology with simple presentation and practical application. The team took people’s daily lives and habits into consideration, and customized their project around their end-user.

“It takes a lot of discipline to stick to one thing — it can be very tempting to get overly ambitious,” Goldband said, “[Jog of War’s] technology was simple and convincing. They were clear about why people would not only use it, but also continue to use it, by incorporating competition, social, and reward components.”

At Health 2.0 code-a-thons, winning collaboration can lead to a winning product. Jog of War and runner up Well With Me joined forces after meeting at the Berlin Code-a-thon. Now they are making progress with their new product and plan to launch in the next few months. The Health 2.0 team is looking forward to that launch (we’ll keep you updated too).

Read on for more information about the teams. Keep an eye on this page for a code-a-thon near you for a chance to collaborate in what could be the next big thing!

Video created by one of Health 2.0′s fantastic volunteers, Felix Borchers

First Place: Jog of War

The team developed a mobile app to help you get in shape by discovering and conquering different parts of your city while you run. But the territory you conquer is not yours forever. Other runners can take it from you, and you can take their territory from them! Claim territory, vanquish foes, earn rewards ― Jog of War gamifies the process of getting in shape.

Second Place: Well With Me

Well With Me is a social wellness app. Using social integration as the basis of the application, Well With Me encourages healthy living through daily challenges for you and your friends. Where most apps focus on the “Let me show you what I did” aspect, the app focuses on “Let’s do this together!” It looks at three aspects of healthy living: physical activity, nutrition, and mental health.

Runner Up: DrApp

Get advice before you reach medical treatment. DrApp is here to get you immediate help for better treatment results, limiting professional effort required for cost-savings. It works by combining best practices of medical interview, known as SOCRATES, and machine-learning techniques. DrApp finds out about your symptoms by asking a series of simple questions, and then it provides information about possible treatment. It includes an emergency mode for highly stressful situations requiring immediate treatment, such as accidents.

Runner Up: Moovio

The obesity epidemic isn’t news. Lack of exercise is the main cause for this epidemic. People spend more than 90 minutes a day browsing on their mobile phones. Moovio helps you to be active while browsing the web. The app prompts you to move, and it tracks movement using the iPhone accelerometer and gives stats on activity.

Runner Up: Convalio

Convalio helps you improve your health by providing advice specific to your living situation. If you live with a chronic disease, expert knowledge helps you to manage your daily routine better. Health care providers and professionals are integrated into the process.

Runner Up: My Companion

My companion is a mobile app that gives women access to necessary knowledge and confidential support during diagnoses and treatment of health conditions specific to the female population (i.e. breast cancer, uterine fibroids, infertility, etc). The app grants women access to a special code after they learn all the necessary information about their condition, allowing them to find the right doctor to treat or advise them. Within the app they can personalize and track their symptoms.