The Next Health 2.0 Show March 27th

Don’t miss the next Health 2.0 Show March 27th at 10:00am PT.

This month we’re covering Big Data and the Quantified Self. Special guest DJ Patil will join us in an interview to talk about the world of Big Data including his role as Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock, lessons learned, and what trends he thinks will emerge in the future.

One area that benefits greatly from big data is the Quantified Self movement. As more and more people begin tracking their health with sensors, they’re adding millions of data points to the huge web of big data. One of the hottest areas for tracking is exercise which is why we’ve invited the team behind Jog of War, a mobile location-based jogging game, to join us for the show. The game was developed at Health 2.0′s Code-a-thon Berlin in November 2012 and allows users to stake their claim on jogging routes. It was a big hit in Berlin and we’re excited to see what the team has been working on since.

We’ll also feature big news stories, details on upcoming Health 2.0 events, including Health:Refactored and the 7th annual Fall Conference, and a few other surprises!

Want to learn more about bit data and the Quantified Self? Watch our session Data Drives Decisions from the 2011 fall conference and an interview with Quantified Self founder Gary Wolf.

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