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News & Updates

Qualcomm Life acquired HealthyCircles, a care coordination SaaS provider, to integrate Qualcomm’s 2net™ Platform and Hub with the HealthyCircles enterprise platform. The integration enables providers to collect, monitor and manage near real-time actionable data that is readily accessible and shareable … Continue reading

A Spotlight on Designers at Health:Refactored

With Health:Refactored just around the corner, we’re shining a spotlight on one of the key players in the health tech innovation ecosystem: the designer! Whether you are designing a clean UI for a personal health dashboard or a mobile app … Continue reading

UCSF’s Tips for Sustaining Your Startup

Last week UC San Francisco announced its Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI), the university’s cohesive effort to support its community’s entrepreneurial projects. Michael Blum, MD, UCSF’s chief medical information officer will lead CDHI along with a cast of the … Continue reading

Health IT CEO: Physicians Shouldn’t Wait to Be Reimbursed Before Offering Telehealth

Telehealth is seen as an expedient way to improve access to healthcare through telephone calls to email and video interactions to support health education for patients and professionals, long distance clinical healthcare and public health. But one reason why the … Continue reading

Mobile Technology Improves Pharmacy Utilization, Cuts Health Care Costs

Given the US consumer’s growing reliance on mobile technology, more people are turning to their smartphones to make better decisions about health care. For employers, this trend poses an enormous opportunity: with drug prices on the rise, and health care … Continue reading

FDA Launches Online Patient Network Emphasizing Treatment and Clinical Trial Discovery

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially launched its online Patient Network last week. The website is designed to centralize the information that patients normally come looking to for, and also to give patients a way to interact with … Continue reading

News & Updates

Harvard researchers licensed GNS Healthcare’s REFS (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) Big Data analytics platform to build computational models of the mechanisms involved in cell differentiation. Researchers also plan to explore how cells react to various drugs. Vivify Health, Inc., … Continue reading

The Startup Patent Application: Timing, Filing, and if You Should Even Worry about It

In preparation for Health:Refactored, our code and design focused conference taking place May 13–14, we sat down with Jeff Schox patent attorney and founding member of Schox Patent Group. His talk “When You Should Worry about Digital Health Patents” will take … Continue reading

Keeping Asthma at Bay with SMS Each Day

A new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology saw improvement in young asthma patients who received a text message about their condition every day. Pediatric patients were sent questions about their symptoms as well as asthma factoids via SMS. … Continue reading

WellnessFX Introduces the Almost Entirely Online Annual Checkup

Concierge-style medicine can be practiced in a number of ways through a variety of payment structures. Some elements of technology are usually involved, but in the case of WellnessFX, technology isn’t just a component. It’s the basis for the company’s … Continue reading

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