Bring Michelle Obama to San Francisco Health Innovation Week

In 2010, Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move! initiative to solve the nation’s problem of childhood obesity. In the past three decades alone, childhood obesity rates have increased three-fold, and 1/3 of children in the United States are considered obese. Aiming to drastically reduce these numbers is no small feat, and the First Lady’s initiative embodies what the Health 2.0 community is fearlessly achieving: improving and maintaing the health of citizens with simple yet effective tools and support.

We’d like you to join our campaign to bring First Lady Michelle Obama to Health Innovation Week in San Francisco. By inviting Mrs. Obama to keynote the Health 2.0 conference, we hope to promote her campaign to our talented and influential community while spotlighting how individuals like you are contributing to the progress in the health and wellness space.

Please sign the petition below by leaving a few short sentences about what you’re doing to support and align with the Let’s Move! initiative. You can also upload a picture of yourself, your company’s logo or share a link to your website. When you’re finished, please pass this along to others who are interested in bringing Mrs. Obama to Health Innovation Week 2012!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Bossard/Medill News Service
  • Deb

    Mrs. Obama: Health2News would love to see you participate in San Francisco’s Health Innovation Week. We’re big supporters of the Let’s Move campaign and can’t think of a more engaged audience to help you carry this important initiative forward. Beyond having a significant impact on our community, highlighting childhood obesity at this unique event would send a strong and positive message about the need for collaboration between industry leaders, technologists and clinicians as we attempt to develop holistic solutions to this systemic problem. 

  • Anonymous

    We would love to host Mrs. Obama at Health Innovation Week and Health 2.0 this fall. The Let’s Move! initiative is incredibly inspiring and I believe bringing her to this enthusiastic audience will encourage innovation and collaboration in the battle against childhood obesity and our nation’s health.

  • fred trotter

    Mrs. Obama: I am interested in getting people to run. My hope is that whole families will begin running and walking together. To do that I wrote software that squarely fits into the Health 2.0 definition. I write software that helps build and sustain motivation to run. The key mental change for exercising consistently, is simply to convince yourself that you have to exercise. Run Or Else helps people do that by allowing them to decide on an amount of money they will donate to charity each week, assuming they do not walk or run their distance.

    Health 2.0 is a place where people are building software tools that help build the fundamental motivation to exercise! There are lots of companies like mine competing to get people exercising that you will see at Health 2.0 I hope it will be worth your time.


  • Marcstoth

    It would be an honor to have Mrs. Obama at Health Innovation Week and Health 2.0 this fall. The Let’s Move! is an awsome tool in the battle against childhood obesity and our nation’s health.

  • anniegy

    It would be great to see such an influental person talking about a that inspiring and important tool that engages people. I’m working for a teen patient education site and can see how sorely needed are the effective campaigns that motivates teens for getting out of their rooms and start exercising. Let’s Move is an amazing idea and I am sure about all the attendants would spread the word about it!

  • Adrian Laurence Harris

    Signed 01/26/12! Let’s get kids playing fitness games on their parent’s iPads and smartphones! I know that programs like Math Blasters and Reader Rabbit had a huge impact on my intellectual growth as a child. Why not the same for physical fitness and nutrition!?

  • The Doctor Weighs In

    Mrs.Obama, we hope you will join one of the most exciting health care events of the year in beautiful (working on getting healthy) San Francisco.

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