Keeping Asthma at Bay with SMS Each Day

A new study by the Georgia Institute of Technology saw improvement in young asthma patients who received a text message about their condition every day. Pediatric patients were sent questions about their symptoms as well as asthma factoids via SMS. … Continue reading

A Healthy Dose of IT Optimism

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association states leaders in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are calling for a “next generation” of electronic health records (EHRs) that focuses on enhanced usability. An array … Continue reading

Health Tech for the Underserved: Is IT Ready? Are We?

On paper, The Health Technology Forum’s (HTF) Innovation Conference this month looked like a barnburner. California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, a theme addressing the issue of access for the globally underserved, and a free breakfast? What more does a conference need? For … Continue reading

It Was the Best of Times, it Was the Worst of Times

At Health 2.0 we have a natural bias toward the innovator, the entrepreneur, and the developer. Health care is largely broken, and those upstarts have the potential to fix it. But it’s by no means easy. Part of what we’re … Continue reading

Co-design in Health Care: from Idea-Generation to Decision Making

A few months ago I wrote a post for a conference on health and design (MedLove) about the importance of process in designing for health care. Starting with the Double Diamond from the Design Council I made the case for … Continue reading

It Is Your Damn Data. You Can Use it for Personal and Public Good.

“Give us our damn data!” – It’s a common refrain from patients who want access to their medical records. Many assume they are entitled to information so intensely personal, learning too late that obtaining them is … a process. The errors, … Continue reading

The Future of Definitions and Developers

In the Health 2.0 world we’ve been talking about and having fun with definitions. There’s a whole list of technologies being used in health (SaaS, cloud, mobile, community, sensor et al.) that my partner Indu Subaiya and I (and others) … Continue reading

Why Doctors Are Revving Up Their Online Marketing Efforts

The world of advertising has changed radically in the past decade. Up until the turn of the century, most doctor’s advertising consisted of yellow and white ad placement and maybe an occasional local radio or newspaper ad. Ten short years … Continue reading

Physicians vs. Patients: Finding Efficiency on Both Sides

A philosophical battle over health care IT resources is heating up, but potential gains are everywhere Interactive health care technologies are falling into two categories. The first — and more common category of tools — focus on improving physician efficiency … Continue reading

Patient Portals – Not Just For Big City Practices

While practices in metropolitan areas tend to adopt EHR systems at a more rapid rate, it’s important to acknowledge that implementing an efficient, customizable system can be done by practices of any size and in any part of the country.  In … Continue reading

Castlight Introduces a Drug Price Comparison Tool on the Heels of National Changes in Drug Spending

Castlight Health today launched Castlight Pharmacy, a prescription drug price comparison tool for employees. The release came just after the news that in 2012, United States’ spending on traditional prescription drugs fell for the first time on record. In large … Continue reading

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