iTriage: Bought by Aetna

Insurer (and now health tech giant) Aetna has bought leading Health 2.0 consumer tool iTriage. The news of the deal which actually happened in September was made official in Aetna’s investor day conference yesterday although it doesn’t seem to have registered anywhere on the web. iTriage was even given a shout-out in HHS’ Sec Kathleen Sebelius speech at mHealth Summit last week with no additional publicity.

No news on the price or other aspects of the deal, or indeed why Aetna has kept it under wraps for so long. However, CEO Mark Bertolini’s team is convinced that the future is consumers mediated by employers choosing between ACO-like organizations-and they want to be providing services for every part of that. You can click ahead to slide 12 in the embedded deck below to see more on the iTriage role in Aetna’s strategy, but it’s clear that Aetna liked iTriage for its 3 million downloads and increasing functionality, which we featured at Health 2.0 back in 2010 and also wrote about on Health 2.0 News in August. This continues a trend we’ve long forecast of Health 2.0 technologies being embedded in the strategies of large health care organizations.

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