Spring Fling Matchpoint Launch! Session Lineup

On the Health 2.0 Show we announced our lineup for the Launch! session in Boston on May 15th. Launch! is a series of rapid-fire, back-to-back, 3.5 minute demos from new buzz-worthy companies. The audience will vote to determine which company gets invited to demo on the main stage during the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco. This session is a crowd favorite and we’re happy to bring it to our Spring Fling.

Here are our 10 Launch! participants:

Cobalt Therapeutics has a portfolio of online cognitive behavioral health programs.

HealthSouk is an online marketplace and bazaar, of sorts, for health care services.

Kinergy Health is a private health care network for patients and caregivers to manage their communication with health care team members and facilities.

RealMealz is web and mobile application focused on teaching new and occasional cooks the skills, recipes and telling them what ingredients they need to make healthy and delicious meals.

BetterDoctor is a new doctor search tool that helps users find the best doctor for their needs in their area.

function Medicine is a wellness program based on easy to use, but complex weekly baseline health assessments.

Novi Medicine is an online dermatology service with diagnosis and treatment for skin conditions.

Thryve is an online and mobile food tracker and coach.

eTherpi is a comprehensive online behavioral health portal, video chat service, and practice management solution for therapists.

OnPulse is a secure, online platform for healthcare providers and patients to share information with each other and patients.

Editor’s Note: This post first ran May 1. After each company launched this afternoon at Health 2.0 Matchpoint Boston, audience members voted on their favorite startup. Thryve came in first place with about 20% of the votes. Congratulations!