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Asthmapolis Sensor Gains FDA Approval
(and Our Approval!)

Guys, I have a confession to make. I didn’t take my inhaler this morning. I didn’t take it last night either. Doctors have prescribed me various combinations of Seravent, Advair, Pulmacort and Singulair since I can remember, and I probably missed more doses than I’ve taken. That’s why I was intrigued to learn this morning that Asthmapolis’ inhaler mounted sensor and paired software system have achieved FDA clearance and will be hitting the market soon.

Asthmapolis has intrigued me since I first saw them demo at the Health Data Initiative meetup. Their suite of sensors and software provides a holistic look at asthma for the patient, their providers, and even public health professionals working to control entire populations. The tool delivers data on adherence of patients and environmental triggers, which helps individuals and researchers understand condition that often seems random and arbitrary.

I don’t take my inhaler because “I don’t need it today,” but asthma control is all about seeing patterns and treating the condition over time. It’s a chronic disease and taking my inhaler today will help me when I’m walking up the stairs next month, or have an asthma attack a year from now. Asthmapolis is my spoon full of sugary data that helps the medication adherence go down.