frogTHINK at Health 2.0: The Power of Disruptive Thinking

frog and Health 2.0 are collaborating to bring a health-focused frogTHINK to Health 2.0’s 6th Annual Fall Conference. Every year, over a thousand industry leaders congregate at the San Francisco conference to witness and explore the biggest innovations in health technology. This year, attendees will have an inside look at how frog approaches concept development and fosters disruptive thinking.

Truly innovative and disruptive ideas arise when people are pushed outside of their usual patterns of thinking and methods of problem solving.  And the health care industry is definitely ripe for disruption as it continues to suffer from a reported $750 billion per year in wasted spending. This fifty-five minute workshop will challenge participants to rethink traditional health care practices and create new, focused concepts on how to improve them. Led by frog facilitators, multi-disciplinary teams will allow team members to build on each other’s expertise to create viable, informed solutions.

Join us!

Date: October 8th, Monday
Time: 12pm
Location: 6th Annual Fall Conference | Hilton Union Square - San Francisco