News & Updates

The newly segmented West Health Institute has spun off its first startup: Sense4Baby, Inc, a wireless fetal monitor which could be used to monitor high-risk pregnancies in remote clinics.

mHealthTeams now has two of it’s mobile social networks up and running, adding myBCTeam to provide a social network for breast cancer patients and survivors. In the last month, the company acquired $1.75 million in funding and launched the new network.

Vipaar raised $1.2 million according to SEC filings to provide it’s telesurgery cart to surgical rooms in remote medical facilities. The goal of the telesurgery device is to allow physicians from leading institutions to proctor surgeons from remote facilities in new techniques, without having to physically travel to the location.

eClinicalWorks announced the Join The Network Venture, a $10 million commitment to expand its current peer-to-peer communications network. This new program will create avenues for physicians outside of eClinicalWorks’ current network to communicate with the 10,000 physicians already talking within their system.

Greenway Medical physicians in Michigan will now be able to connect into the state HIE, Michigan Connect. Physicians using Greenway’s PrimeSUITE will be able to instantly access clinical data and communicate with other physicians on the platform.

Morgenthaler and Health 2.0 have announced their final 13 candidates for the DC to VC pitch contest. Join us on October 10th to see them compete for fame (but no fortune). Interesting to note, many of this years technologies assist directly or indirectly with care coordination.

The Mollen vaccination network is removing 20 million pieces of paper from its business by going fully digital in Walmart, Sam’s Club, and corporate clinic locations across the country. In partnership with Verizon, the entire network of Google Chromebooks will be run on 3G networks, allowing them to be HIPAA compliant without onsite tests.

Another health IT accelerator is hitting the East Coast, joining Blueprint and Rock Health Boston, but claiming their ground in the New Jersey pharma corridor. TigerLabs will provide $20,000 in funding, mentorship, and a co-working space.