Health 2.0 Show’s Free Webinar on Health Care Transition Innovation Adoption

Health 2.0 Show

Care transitions, Meaningful Use criteria, and readmission penalties are pressing issues in hospitals today. According to the Health 2.0 Advisors Study, the US spends $25 billion every year on preventable readmissions alone.

Companies are developing viable innovations, but much of the trouble lies in the adoption of these technologies into hospitals. Health 2.0 innovators are increasingly valuable for hospitals’ growing care transition needs, but this new territory can be difficult for both parties to navigate. What do hospitals know about working with smaller health 2.0 companies? And, what do health 2.0 companies know about making it easy for hospitals to integrate new technologies?

The upcoming Health 2.0 Show on Jan. 9, 3013, will focus on ‘Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transition Improvement.’ Care transition improvement was one of Health 2.0’s most popular breakout sessions at the 2012 Fall Conference, so we will be revisiting the topic with experts, reports, and companies in the field.

The Health 2.0 Show will work to answer some of the most difficult questions in care transition innovation adoption using real-world statistics from in-depth research in the care transition field. The Health 2.0 Advisors’ Study, conducted with support from the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, will provide the statistical backbone for discussions, and illuminate real-world market opportunities and flops.

Marco Smit, president of Health 2.0 Advisors, will join us on the Health 2.0 Show to discuss the Health 2.0 Advisors’ Study, which includes two exciting, soon-to-be-released innovation adoption guides for health 2.0 companies and hospitals, as well as a database of successful care transition companies. Companies whose technologies have been successfully adopted will come on the show to demo their care transition innovations and discuss the process they went through. CareInSync’s CEO Siva Subramanian will be demoing.

Join us Jan. 9, 2013, to work toward solving the biggest problems in health care innovation adoption! Learn more and register here.