Five Reasons to Care (a lot) About the Health 2.0 Show Jan. 9 on Care Transition Innovation Adoption

health 2.0 show

Innovators are breaking new ground in the improvement of care transitions, but this new territory comes with new barriers. Innovators often face difficulties when working with hospital systems, and hospitals face new challenges when trying to work with younger tech companies. The upcoming Health 2.0 Show on Jan. 9 will provide free expert tips on bridging the gaps between innovators and hospitals for care transition improvement.

The Health 2.0 Show will feature advice from successful entrepreneurs, real-world data, interviews with hospital CIOs, and tips from industry experts to help improve your chances for a successful partnership. Here are five reasons you won’t want to miss this Health 2.0 Show:

1.) Health 2.0 Advisors’ Database tour and Innovation Navigation Guides: Health 2.0’s Marco Smit will lead a virtual tour through the new Health 2.0 Advisors’ Care Transitions Innovators database and provide valuable background about the information and the company landscape.

He will also give you a sneak peek of the two Guides that Health 2.0 Advisors will be releasing in February to help hospitals and technology companies make more use of technology innovation’s potential. The Guides include real-world statistics from new in-depth research in care transitions.

2.) Successful startups - demos & discussion: The Health 2.0 Show will host two successful care transition startups. The startups will demo their winning products and discuss their path to successful innovation adoption. The show will also engage them in a conversation about what elements and actions they believe lead to successful adoption.

3.) Marco Smit, President of Health 2.0 Advisors: Marco Smit is an expert in the field of care transition innovation adoption. He oversaw the development of the Health 2.0 Advisors’ Care Transition Innovation Adoption Project and Database. As part of the project, he interviewed successful startups and hospital CIOs alike to dig up the important lessons learned on innovation adoption. On the show, Marco will discuss this research and findings.

4.) Q&A Session: Get ready to ask your most pressing questions. The show will feature care transition experts and your peers who can share experiences from the trenches — and you’ll have the opportunity to tap into their knowledge!

5.) Preview of upcoming events: Learn about more upcoming Health 2.0 Show webinars! The Health 2.0 Show exhibits cutting-edge knowledge in health tech and emerging technologies you’ll want to know about, right on your computer.

There is a critical need for care transition improvement — to save both dollars, institutions, and patient lives. Innovators are creating effective care transition solutions, but often find challenges in implementing their products in hospitals. Simultaneously, hospitals face the difficulties of finding viable solutions and working with young technology companies. This show will address some of the biggest questions about barriers in care transition innovation adoption and what can be done to address them.

Join us Jan. 9, 2013, to work toward solving the biggest problems in health care innovation adoption! Learn more and register here.

Preview the type of leading-edge talks, discussions, and demos that will be featured on the Health 2.0 Show check out the video of the ‘Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transition Innovation Adoption’ session at our Health 2.0 San Francisco 2012 Conference:

Panel: Bridges Between Innovators and Hospitals for Care Transitions

Panel Speakers:

Diana Arsovic, Nielsen Innovation Director Region South, Denmark
Joanne Rohde, CEO, Axial Exchange
Keith M. Toussaint, Executive Director of Collaborative Development Mayo Clinic
Marco Smit, President, Health 2.0 Advisors
Siva Subramanian CEO, CareInSync Corporation
Susan Cumming, Medical Director at Marin General Hospital

The video is about 50 minutes long. Fast forward to these time stamps to hear:

4:25 Subramanian (who will return for the upcoming Health 2.0 show) demo CareInSync

7:35 A case study: Marin General and CareInSync

16:45 Toussaint talk about the Mayo Clinic approach

24:30 Joanne Rohde present Axial Exchange

35:00 Nielsen describe the differences between the Danish and American systems in terms of care transition

39:10 Smit moderate the wrap up Q&A