News & Updates

Kareo launched its free cloud-based EHR, which is available as a stand-alone application or can integrate with other Kareo products. Kareo acquired mobile technology and a clinical knowledge base from Epocrates and leveraged these assets in developing its new EHR.

Saluspot, a Madrid-based interactive community of physicians, raised €1 million in funding. The company uses social networking to provide health advice. Saluspot will be using the capital for expansion in Spain as well as globally.

Biotech firm Sequenta, Inc. launched ClonoSIGHT, the first sequencing-based test for minimal residual diseases (MRD) for Leukemia and Lymphoma. ClonoSIGHT sequences unique DNA signatures present in immune cells to allow tracking of malignant sub-populations, at levels as low as one cell per million white blood cells.

QPID, an EHR intelligence platform was recently launched. This system allows retrieval and integration of EHR data in clinical workflow to deliver meaningful information to through a web-based application in real time.

Four Rivers Software Systems integrated Versus Technology’s real time location software (RTLS) to its Total Maintenance System (TMS) Asset Management Software. TMS allows hospitals to track mobile medical equipment. The integration is already in use at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham.

San Diego-based health IT startup Sanitas, Inc. received FDA approval for its class II medical device called Wellaho. This personalized outpatient management service allows providers to monitor chronically ill patients between clinic visits.

Vaccination Scheduler, a new iPhone app, sends reminders about due vaccinations based on the child’s date of birth. The app comes preinstalled with vaccination names and recommended dates. The app can also send personalized emails about vaccination history, appointments and due dates. This app is available for a discount until the end of February.

The Advisory Board Company acquired 360Fresh, a clinical data analytics company. The company enhances its existing portfolio of physician performance management tools with the addition of 360Fresh’s technology that transforms patient data from a variety of information systems into actionable insights.

Geisinger Health System launched xG Health Solutions. The startup, which will offer services ranging from consulting to population health data analytics and health care IT optimization, has $40 million in funding from Oak Investment Partners.

Bina, a health care startup working at the intersection of Big Data and genomics, released its commercial product this week. Bina’s package includes a hardware box to collect DNA, software to process the data, and applications to turn the data into actionable form. Bina can complete a full genetic analysis in a matter of hours for about $200 a sample.

Big Data and analytics startup Sociocast raised $1 million in funding from Raptor Ventures. Sociocast’s flagship product, Prediction API, uses data to make predictions in two categories: entities and clustering.

Astronomers and cancer researchers at the University of Cambridge have joined forces to study breast tumors using image analysis software previously developed to explore distant stars. The automated system offers a speedy way to examine tissue samples, and will be fine-tuned in a study of more than 20,000 breast cancer patients.