News & Updates

Electronic device company Jawbone acquired BodyMedia Inc., makers of wearable body monitors. Jawbone also announced that its UP platform will now integrate with iOS apps for IFTTT, LoseIt!, Maxwell Health, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Notch, RunKeeper, Sleepio, Wello and Withings.

Puzzled won AT&T’s autism hackathon; Puzzled is a review website used to identify autism-friendly businesses and includes an API to increase the rating system’s implementation on external websites.

Johns Hopkins Department of Pathology joined the Digital Pathology Network, a cloud based information exchange and consultation platform for pathologists. This online platform is also being used by the experts at other hospitals including the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Workforce management software maker Kronos Inc. launched a health care-specific application called Workforce Tablet Analytics. The app provides health care organizations real-time visibility into actionable productivity and labor cost management data from anywhere, any time.

Michigan based Trinity Health system joined the Explorys Network, a cloud-based big data analytics platform. The Explorys platform will help aggregate, analyze and benchmark all clinical, pharmaceutical, financial, and operational data across the Trinity Health system.

A Dutch study found that cardiologists and nurses have preconceived ideas about clinical decision support systems (CDSS), but biases subside as they learn more about the system. Similar research has shown the benefits of interactive dashboard features and CDSS alerts.

Dr. Hubert Zajicek teamed with Dallas-based general tech accelerator Tech Wildcatters and investor partners Green Park & Golf Ventures to launch a new health accelerator: Health Wildcatters. The accelerator will focus on acquainting health entrepreneurs with the realities of the health care space largely through physician mentorship.

Researchers from the Data Privacy Lab at Harvard have linked data back to patient names in 42 percent of a sample of records from the Personal Genome Project. Of the 1,130 records scrutinized, about 579 provided their Zip code, date of birth and gender, three pieces of information that can be combined with other publicly available data to learn the person’s name.

ConnectedLiving, an organization that helps seniors live more connected lives through technology, announced a partnership with CDW Healthcare, a hardware, software and technology design provider. The partnership will improve ConnectedLiving’s cloud-based, senior-friendly social platform, which coupled with classes, activities and support enhances overall wellness.

Synchronous telehealth for cardiovascular disease patients helped reduce costs, admission rates and length of stay, according to a study published in the Journal of the Medical Internet Research. The study took place at the National Taiwan University Hospital and reduced inpatient cost per month in the non-senior group from $814.93 to $217.39, and reduced costs in the senior group from $954.78 to $485.06.