TigerText Opens Its API TigerConnect

Is it acceptable for physicians to text patient orders to the hospital? No, answered the Joint Commission in a 2011 statement. But that doesn’t mean that physicians don’t do it, despite the commission’s concerns that texting makes it difficult to … Continue reading

Syapse Is Creating Single Patient Genomic Profiles from Many Data Sources

The exposome is the measure of how individuals’ lifetime exposures from environment, diet and other sources interact with their unique makeup to impact their health. Neuroscientist Jonathan Hirsch hadn’t heard of “the exposome” until members of an academic research site … Continue reading

The Role of Digital Brain Health in Supporting Addiction Treatment and Recovery

The brain is both at the epicentre of addiction as well as the core of any effective treatment and recovery. In fact, the neural processes that underpin substance abuse are the very ones that need to be targeted in treatment … Continue reading

Susannah Fox Q&A on Pew’s Latest Health Tracking Report

The most recent report to come out of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that seven out of 10 American adults track some kind of health indicator such as weight, diet or a symptom. “Tracking for … Continue reading

Personalized Medicine Preview: Customized App Prescription

Tamoxifen effectively works to treat breast cancer in some patients, but it’s ineffective in others. We know this from genetic testing. Rewards effectively encourage behavior change in some people, but they don’t have any influence on others. We know this from … Continue reading

Open Health Data: An International Snapshot

The 2009 Digital Britain Report described data as ‘an innovation currency’ and ‘the lifeblood of the knowledge economy.’  We are now in 2013 and while there is tremendous buzz around open data in general, open health data is definitely lagging … Continue reading

Health 2.0′s Appy Holiday Wishlist!

The holidays are a time for joy and merriment. But during the break, a little too much food and drink, or not enough exercise can really ‘weigh’ down celebrations. That’s why we’ve made a list of 10 of our favorite … Continue reading

Matchmaking — the Health 2.0 Way

I recently joined Health 2.0 and was brought on to play matchmaker as part of the company’s rapidly expanding Matchpoint program. The idea of Matchpoint speaks to the traditional role of a matchmaker, which is to find parties that are … Continue reading

DIY Health 101: Becoming an Expert on Yourself

Let’s face it. Interacting with the formal health care system sucks. It’s slow, sterile, boring, and super confusing. No wonder we don’t like going to the doctor. We all know it’s important to take care of ourselves (an apple a … Continue reading

Five Future Wireless Health Gadgets to Look Out For

As more and more patients crave immediate digital access to important health records and test results, the health tech industry is creating gadgets to help consumers manage their own health at home. These gadgets can possibly prevent unnecessary trips to … Continue reading

It Gets Fuller

First of all, happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone was able to gather around a delicately prepared vegan holiday roast with friends and family. Go Pats! Second, I’m very disappointed in all of you. Well, most of you. I’ve been … Continue reading

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