A Look Back — Ask the Experts Q&A with Health Care Developers


Last fall Health 2.0 held a Q&A session for developers at the company’s annual conference. Since Health:Refactored, a code- and design-focused two day event, is fast approaching, here’s a look back at the panel. Several of the members will be returning this May to talk more about their areas of expertise.

Below you’ll find the featured panelists as well as time stamps for the questions audience members asked during the session. For more design- and developer-themed media, click over to Health 2.0 TV where you’ll find more keynotes, panels and demos from past conferences.

The Speakers:

Edbury Enegren, Health 2.0
Fred Trotter, Not Only Development
Erick Von Schweber, SURVEYOR Health
Michael Yuan, Ringful
Sastry Nanduri, HealthTap

The Questions: 

11:00 — What are the pros and cons of a mobile-friendly application compared to a native mobile application?
16:10 — What are the preferable setups for development/ what are your stacks?
18:00 — How do you merge a LAMP stack and .NET stack?
20:10 — How do I get my money’s worth with regard to my developers?
24:00 — What resources can a non tech-savvy person use to learn how to talk to developers?