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BitGym and Virtual Active Team Up for a New App

In the tech world an unanticipated use case occurs when innovators build their own projects on already useful technology. It’s how Virtual Active: BitGym Edition, a new fitness app released today, came about. The iOS app takes into account a … Continue reading

The Digital Health Revolution - Fard Johnmar Interviews OrganizedWisdom

Fard Johnmar and ScribeMedia have an excellent web video series called The Digital Health Revoution.  They are covering Health 2.0 and doing longform interviews to really dig into the details…here’s their most recent interview with Unity Stoakes from Organized Wisdom. … Continue reading

Health 2.0 at the CCR Workshop in San Diego and thoughts about Google’s Subauth, by Indu Subaiya

Yesterday we attended David Kibbe’s CCR workshop in San Diego and learned lots about XML and the utility of the continuity of care record in many different settings.  For more info about the CCR, read David’s posts on the topic … Continue reading

Tools to help with Medicare Part D, by Matthew Holt

Medicare Part D is a confusing program that apparently isn’t getting any less confusing or cheaper. In fact the costs are increasing and the array of prescription only plans and the Medicare Advantage plans are confusing at least one columnist … Continue reading

Health 2.0 and Identity: Who else cares who I am, as long as I do? By David Kibbe MD MBA

My recent blog on Health2.0 data exchange using the CCR standard and a sparse information model brought this comment from a reader who identifies themselves as jd: “I’d really like to hear your insights on the issue of uniquely identifying … Continue reading

Health 2.0 on Location in NYC by Indu Subaiya

The Health 2.0 team converged in NYC this week for a day of meetings with the New York Times, Digitas Health and a host of our favorite Health 2.0 companies based in the Big Apple.  First it was lunch with … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Happy Hour in NYC

Matthew and Indu en route from the Gramercy Tavern to the NYT building.

Health 2.0, Computable Data Exchange, and The Sparse Information Model, by David C. Kibbe, MD MBA

One of the processes that Health 2.0 will certainly come to depend upon for its growth and utility is that of computable data exchange.  What I mean is this:  how do we help our customers/users get their basic health information; … Continue reading

Diabetic VistA - The First Amputation

Many people in healthcare got their first look at Scott Shreeve through his work with Medsphere, the open source software company based on VistA, the information system developed by a team of programmers and doctors at the VA in the … Continue reading

Is Adsense jumping the shark?

Veteran IT insider Robert X Cringley seems to think so and worse, he compares its behavior in dealings with smaller competitors to you-know-who in this article, The Next Microsoft. Cringley’s other concern is, though, much more serious than one about … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Editorial in the LA Times, by Matthew Holt

On Sunday the LA Times had an editorial, no less, about physician rating sites. Now to be honest it didn’t say a whole lot except that there’s no one answer yet to the question, “which web site should I go … Continue reading

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