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Monthly Archives: January 2008

eDrugSearch Blog interviews Indu & Matthew by Matthew Holt

edrugsearch.com has been interviewing a series of Health 2.0 observers in an email Q & A format. This time it’s Indu & Matthew’s turn. In their view we spent a lot of time discussing the companies to watch in 2008. … Continue reading

Collective intelligence in AthenaHealth by Matthew Holt

Scott Shreeve has spent much of his career promoting open source as a way to harvest collective intelligence. But (irritated by a description from a knocker) he’s done a great job at defining one shining example of building a network … Continue reading

HealthCentral Network pulls in $50M by Matthew Holt

Having been told that there was no money for Health 2.0 companies unless there was a really clear business model, I was a little surprised to find that there are true believers in the investor community. On Friday HealthCentral Network … Continue reading

Carol aims to disrupt the health care market by Matthew Holt

One of the most interesting new Health 2.0 companies is Carol-a Minnesota start-up that is aiming at the heart of the health care system. It’s trying to create “care packages” that will in the end (if it works) change how … Continue reading

Shawn Jenkins, CEO BenefitFocus interview by Matthew Holt

Last year I interviewed Shawn Jenkins, the CEO of BenefitFocus. This is a really interesting company, and most of you know it — if at all — from the partnership Health 2.0 has had with ICYou (headed by the wonderful … Continue reading

Health 2.0 UPDATE

A special reminder for Health 2.0 Blog readers. If you’re considering signing up for Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and Providers March 3 - 4 in San Diego, there is still time to sign up for a pass, although we are … Continue reading

Data check by Craig Stoltz

Craig Stoltz is a web consultant working in the health 2.0 space. He has previously served as health editor for the Washington Post and editorial director of Revolution Health. He blogs at Web 2.0 … Oh really? New comScore data … Continue reading

Health 2.0 NorthEast mixer is tonight by Matthew Holt

So if you’re in Boston and want to find out more about Health 2.0 tonight, come to the Cambridge Marriottwhere the first Health 2.0 “local chapter” is having a networking mixer with speakers and panel. And yes I’m the speaker … Continue reading

Call for Papers for Medicine 2.0 by Matthew Holt

Usually those academics are way late-often just starting the study of any trend in commercial health care after its over. But maybe not this time? The JIMR (Journal of Medical Internet Research) is gong to put out an edition about … Continue reading

Dyscoordinated: Healthcare’s Line Item Problem

Many people in healthcare got their first look at Scott Shreeve through his work with Medsphere, the open source software company based on VistA, the information system developed by a team of programmers and doctors at the VA in the … Continue reading

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