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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Call for Submissions:

Health 2.0 is working on a new documentary focusing on the experience and outcomes of patients using Health 2.0 tools and technologies to manage their health. We are currently looking for both enthusiastic users of online services and innovative Health … Continue reading

Launch! Healogica-Clinical Trials Recruitment service

Healogica was one of the companies that presented at Launch! at the Health 2.0 Meets Ix conference in Boston in April. I felt that the quality of the Launch! companies as so strong that they all deserved to be featured to … Continue reading

American Well gets busy with guidelines, Optum

Our friends over at American Well have two announcements today. First, they’re releasing what they call Online Care Insight, which is essentially the integration of care guidelines into their online care system. We saw a glimpse into this at the … Continue reading