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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Regina Holliday: Fred’s life & death at 73 cents a page

If you ever wonder why the efforts to make it easier for patients and families to get information and be treated as equals in their care by the medical care system matter…. If you need convincing that the concept of participatory … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Tools, or the power of Twitter

The power of Twitter is real kids, and not for what you think. Used properly Twitter is an information filter. Exhibit A is what happened to the Von Schweber’s who run PHARMASurveyor. They were a huge part of the Tools … Continue reading

The ugly, the bad, the very good and the great at the Health 2.0 Conference

So the Fall Health 2.0 2009 conference in San Francisco at the Concourse Exhibition Center is over. The bunting is down, the cocktails are drunk, and everyone can get back to the sanctity of the WiFi enabled office or home. … Continue reading

Health Internet - The New Consumer-Friendly NHIN

Consumer directed HIE will become the most visible aspect of health IT stimulus and could lead a shift to consumer-directed health plans, increased interest in wellness programs and family-centered collaboration for the young, old and seriously ill. At a recent … Continue reading

The Big Day for Health 2.0

Yes, today is the big day for Health 2.0 or rather the first of two huge days. In less than 7 hours Indu and I will be stepping onto the stage and six months of work, rehearsals and excitement come … Continue reading

JSK (national treasure) on data liquidity, and how it fits into Health 2.0

Given that she taught me most of what I know about health IT I don’t know why I ever need reminding about how great Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is at keeping her finger on the pulse of health care, and how consistently … Continue reading

Two big deals in Health 2.0

John Halamka writes about the small but important meeting this week at Harvard Medical School hosted by Zak Kohane and Ken Mandl. Because of the impending arrival of about 1,000 of my best friends next week at Health 2.0, I couldn’t … Continue reading