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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Two Boston Health 2.0 companies show a little more

Two MD-run Health 2.0 companies in Boston had decent interviews telling a little more about themselves in the last few days. American Well’s Roy Schoenberg was interviewed by Health Business Blog’s David Williams. It’s a long and thorough interview although … Continue reading

Balloon Mania: Happy Birthday Health 2.0

Having been around for the beginning of the Health 2.0 movement, it is good to see the conference continuing into its sophomore year. A lot has and continues to happen regarding the ongoing health care innovations that collectively make up … Continue reading

Hello Health open for business

Hello Health, the clinic that Jay Parkinson has been promoting for a while, is open for business. If all the patients are as happy as the first patient, success is assured! The deal is that they’ve gone with mid-range concierge fee … Continue reading

Omnimedix still fighting Dossia owners

JD Klienke and Omnimedix are still in business and still fighting a pretty serious lawsuit about the Dossia breakup. I talked with JD yesterday. The team is working on several super secret client projects, but it’s tough to run a … Continue reading

How Health 2.0 is impacting the world of fashion

So this is how fashion insurgencies start…Brian Klepper sent me this email. I assume they felt like the two Hollywood starlets who show up at the Oscars wearing the same dress! “So David Foster, Director of Product Management for Healthwise, … Continue reading