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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Wikipedia: Time to Pull the Plug

There are many good reasons to deplore Wikipedia, not the least of which is its authors’ cultish smuggery about the righteousness of their cause and the rightness of their content. Of course there is also its internecine complexity of processes. … Continue reading

The Wisdom of Patients - Social Media In Health Care

People - citizens, patients, caregivers, “consumers” — are early adopters of social media in health, compared to other industry stakeholders including providers, plans, payers, and suppliers such as pharmas and medical equipment companies. This is but one of many findings … Continue reading

Medical Privacy: The Challenge of Behavioral Ad Targeting in Healthcare

The latest piece in the medical privacy jigsaw puzzle is online behavioral advertising. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received comments from the Network Advertising Initiative NAI on the agency’s proposed principles for OBA. As part of this filing, … Continue reading

Health 1.0h. . .Geez, This Is a Mess

Craig Stoltz is a web consultant working in the health 2.0 space. He has previously served as the health editor of the Washington Post and editorial director of Revolution Health. He blogs at Web 2.0 … Oh really? We’d like … Continue reading

Fourth Annual Games for Health Conference 2008

May 8-9, 2008 :: Baltimore Convention Center The Games for Health Conference offers a rich platform for learning, promotion, networking and business development for organizations interested in the intersection between games and health. Topics to be covered include exergaming, medical … Continue reading

An Invitation to DNANYC

The Board of Directors and Advisors of Navigencs invite you to join us for a series of seminars, panel discussions and other events dedicated to helping you thrive in this new world of truly individualized health and wellness. DNANYC Presented … Continue reading

Knowledge Like Clear, Clean Water: NHS’ Sir Muir Gray on Health Care’s Progress - Brian Klepper

Over the last year or so, I’ve written a lot about how health care information will become increasingly available to consumers and health care business, and how this access will drive new decision-support capabilities that will profoundly change how health … Continue reading

HEALTH 2.0 San Francisco

If you missed Health 2.0 San Diego last month or last year’s sold-out Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare in San Francisco, here’s your chance. Early bird passes for Health 2.0 San Francisco are now on sale. Buy your passes now and … Continue reading