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Monthly Archives: December 2007

iMedix & 23andme make The Crunchies 2007 by Matthew Holt

I’m not exactly a fan of contests. I’m more of the Stephen Colbert “let the market decide” opinion. My start-up i-Beacon won one of these once, and was still dead 18 months later. The only time The Health Care Blog … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Spring Fling Agenda

So for Christmas we’re announcing our first cut of the agenda for our next Health 2.0 conference,  to be held at the Westin San Diego on March 3rd-4th. Health 2.0 User-Generated Healthcare in San Francisco sold out a month before … Continue reading

Seeking Sustainable RHIO Forest; View Obscured by Non-profit Trees

Health Affairs just published a study by a team of Harvard researchers that has cast a pall on the sustainability of Regional Health Information Organizations (also referred to as Health Information Exchanges). The report, The State Of Regional Health Information … Continue reading

Healthcare Open Source and Community: Some Lessons from the Field by Paul Biondich

I’ve followed the evolution of Health 2.0 with much interest, often tracking the blogosphere chatter to get a sense of how the community would realize the vision of “user-generated” health care.  Perhaps my adventures in the developing world over the … Continue reading

Policy vs. Market-Based Reform-RHIOs as a Case Study

As Anonymouse insightfully commented over on THCB, the Harvard team’s RHIO study in Health Affairs is very telling about the barriers facing do-gooder health care projects. That said, I wanted to add two comments. First, while RHIOs are unquestionably good … Continue reading

38 sites…. by Matthew Holt

No, not 37 Signals (the SaaS firm that we’re using to track our lives these days). Instead it’s another Health 2.0 list. This one is from EVERYTHING 2.0 and is called HEALTH 2.0: 38 sites that can help you to … Continue reading

Tim Berners-Lee, Adam Bosworth and the Markle Foundation on Health 2.0 by Adrian Gropper

Tim Berners-Lee, Adam Bosworth and Markle’s David Lansky gave keynotes at the WHIT 3.0 meeting this week. Bosworth and Lansky both mentioned the Markle Conference a few days ago but it’s Berners-Lee that, in my opinion, paints a more visionary … Continue reading

More Health 2.0 developments: Parkinson & Brailer

We’re not quite, quite ready to announce the line up in San Diego, but we can forecast that you will see the newly famous Health 2.0 doc Jay Parkinson explain that “As a rule, the majority are wrong“. Jay will … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Casting Call

We are excited to announce a new panel format at our Spring conference, “Connecting Consumers and Providers” in San Diego on March 3-4, 2008. In addition to spotlighting demos and reactions from industry experts, we will be capturing the user-experience … Continue reading

More Health 2.0 media attention and a nice request list, by Matthew Holt

Modern Healthcare wrote about Health 2.0 today. Why they put my awful picture up instead of the nice one I sent them of Indu I don’t know! But the article is pretty good, even if Joseph Conn (the author) thinks … Continue reading

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