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San Diego Agenda Is Coming Together Nicely

We are so excited about the way that the Health 2.0 Spring Fling Conference, in San Diego on March 21-22, 2011, is shaping up. Even though the spring conference is quickly approaching, we are always keeping our eyes out for … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Live Code-a-thons for 2011!

Health 2.0 is thrilled to be hosting the first three Developer Challenge Code-a-thons for 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC and Boston. These events occur over the course of one day, bringing together developers, designers and raw … Continue reading

San Francisco Early Bird Price Ends This Week!

The year may have just begun, but before you know it the Health 2.0 conferences will be just around the corner and if you blink you may just miss a great deal. The Health 2.0 Spring Fling conference in San … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Heads to San Diego: Early Bird Pricing Ends TODAY

The New Year is here and Health 2.0 is celebrating by announcing some new updates for the Spring Fling Conference in San Diego, March 21-22, 2011 and the Fifth Annual Fall Conference is San Francisco, September 26-27, 2011. We also … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Tools in the Doctors Office

On day one of the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, October 7-8, 2010, Will Sellman, Director of Performance Improvement of Affinity Medical Solutions, moderated the Health 2.0 Tools in the Doctors Office session. This session is about the … Continue reading

Introducing Zamzee

During the Health 2.0, Behavior Change and Unmentionable session, one of the unmentionables that was talked about was childhood obesity. Since the 1980's childhood obesity rates have tripled and every year medical bills associated with obesity are over one hundred … Continue reading

Health 2.0 for Employers

This session focuses on the employer side of Health 2.0. There are many opportunities for Health 2.0 companies to make a big impact in the employer market, but there are a lot of difficulties as well. This session has five … Continue reading

Tools for Care Management

The United States spends 2.2 trillion dollars on health care every year and 75% goes to chronic conditions. During this breakout session, which was moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from Think-Health, at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, October … Continue reading

Bedsider.org: What Sex Sounds Like

Right now, about half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned and although babies are great, caring for a baby is hard work and especially when you are not ready. Bedsider.org has created a useful tool to help … Continue reading

The America COMPETES Act and Health 2.0

On Tuesday Congress passed the America COMPETES Act, which provides all agencies with broad authority to conduct prize competitions, as called for by President Obama in his 2009 Strategy for American Innovation. This Act will make it dramatically easier for … Continue reading

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