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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Early Bird Passes on Sale Now

The next Health 2.0 conference will be held in San Francisco, California from October 21st - 23rd at the San Francisco Marriott. The theme will be a return to the focus that made our first conference a resounding success: Web … Continue reading

Health 2.0: Weighing In With a Reality Check

Maybe you saw the article: “Health 2.0 Helps, But Personal Contact Remains Top Weight Loss Strategy.” OK. I made up the headline.  But the information comes from an article that provides food for thought for those of us who speak, … Continue reading

A Second Life on Second Life

In real life Alice Kreuger has severe multiple sclerosis and is unable to walk without the use of crutches. She rarely leaves her home except for trips to see her doctor. In the virtual world of Second Life she leads … Continue reading

A Doctor Grows in Brooklyn

Doctor Jay Parkinson became a minor media celebrity last year as word spread about his unconventional practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Instead of maintaining a traditional office and paying support staff, Parkinson’s operation is entirely virtual and requires almost no overhead. … Continue reading

The Myth of Health Care Consumerism

Last weekend I heard several great presentations at a meeting convened by Jeff Goldsmith, but one contained a point I hadn’t heard nailed down before. Kaveh Safavi MD JD, from Thomson Healthcare’s Center for Healthcare Improvement, detailed the results of … Continue reading

Getting the PHR privacy and Deborah Peel issue off my chest

I’m a card carrying member of the ACLU. I oppose the Patriot Act. And I absolutely oppose the current Administration’s decision to ignore the FISA law that already bends over backwards to help the government spy on Americans whom it … Continue reading

Six Health 2.0 firms reviewed by David Hamilton

Over at Venturebeat David Hamilton looks hard at 6 of his favorites from Health 2.0

Reaction to the Health 2.0 Spring Fling Conference

(This submission from Dan Kogan the CEO of HealthWorldWeb was posted by me, Matthew Holt, but not edited at all, nor was it solicited! Honest!) As soon as I left the Health 2.0 Conference, I knew I would be remembering … Continue reading

Google Health Demo-yes it’s a PHR, but that’s not the important thing!

At 30.30 of Eric Schmidt’s talk at HIMSS Roni Zeigler gives a brief demo of Google Health. The only thing it doesn’t show is the actual data transfer from the Cleveland Clinic and back—but there is data in there that … Continue reading

The Spirit and Promise of Health 2.0: Empowering the Person, not the Patient

Health 2.0 is about redefining the role of consumers in our health life. We are experiencing a sea change in consumer attitude, a growing understanding that we must be our own best advocate for personal and family health. We no … Continue reading

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