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Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Hawaii Health 2.0 Chapter meeting

Indu & Matthew traveled to Hawaii (tough gig but someone’s got to do it) to take part in the Hawaii Health 2.0 chapter on Online Care, held on Thursday March 26. The chapter meeting was rather more fancy than the average … Continue reading

Online care….from Hawaii to Wall Street (journal only so far!)

Chris Lawton has an article in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal called (wait for it) Cough, Cough. Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? It’s a good general run down of American Well, TelaDoc & SwiftMD, which are the leaders in … Continue reading

DiabetesMine design challenge

  #1 health care blogger Amy Tenderich has prodded us to remind you that the second annual Diabetes Design Challenge is now open!  And this year there are real & large cash prizes, funded by CHCF—Grand prize $10,000, and support from … Continue reading

Google Health sharing-simple but potentially important

Today late afternoon PST Google flipped the switch on an important change/add to Google Health. Recently they’ve been adding more and more little features, such as printing & graphing, and in the last month getting CVS retail pharmacies on the network … Continue reading