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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Google Health beta — What’s really new and different?

From his role as Director of Health IT for the AAFP, co-creator of the CCR and with his involvement behind the “NDA firewall” with the Google Health team, David Kibbe probably has a better vision than most about what’s new … Continue reading

The Technology Hype Cycle: Why bad things happen to good technologies

Fresh on the heels of my recent bar coding epiphany comes another “unintended consequences” article. It turns out that the whipsawing that accompanies the adoption of new technologies is completely foreseeable, the “Why doesn’t this thing work right?” phase is … Continue reading

Prescription Drugs, Health 2.0 and the eDrugSearch.com Community - Cary Byrd

When we launched eDrugSearch.com in January 2007, we focused on the core mission of enabling consumers to safely search for low-cost drugs from Canadian and other international pharmacies. We have been successful in getting the word out and growing our … Continue reading