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BitGym and Virtual Active Team Up for a New App

In the tech world an unanticipated use case occurs when innovators build their own projects on already useful technology. It’s how Virtual Active: BitGym Edition, a new fitness app released today, came about. The iOS app takes into account a … Continue reading

Fard speaks health 2.0 by Matthew Holt

Our friend Fard Johnmar has ambitions for the potential of Health 2.0. I’m not sure we can live up to them but he’s always an interesting read. He’s also looking for questions for Esther Dyson for an interview he’s doing … Continue reading

The Genesis of… By Fred Eberlein

Approximately 90% of us will experience acute or chronic pain at sometime in our lives.  Given this fact it’s fair to say that pain is a normal part of living. Yet because pain affects each of us differently and has … Continue reading

Scrubs goes Health 2.0 by Matthew Holt

Scrubs is consistently witty and up-to-date and (with Boston Legal) one of the only shows I watch semi-regularly. But it’s good to know they’ve found out about at least one aspect of Health 2.0. The new real fake web site … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Community Present and Vocal as Markle Foundation Policy Meeting Discusses “Consumer Access Practices for Networked Health Information” by David Kibbe

This meeting held by the Markle Foundation near San Diego  over two days  last week may turn out to be the most important health information and technology policy meeting of the past 5 years.  So I’ll try to choose my … Continue reading

Creating a Universal Individual Healthcare Identification System

Barry Hieb is a senior healthcare analyst with Gartner Consulting. For many years it has been widely acknowledged that there are many benefits which could be realized by healthcare through the creation of a system of unique individual healthcare identifiers. … Continue reading

UnitedHealth Customers Speak With their Feet, and it’s Time for Everyone to Listen by Miriam Bookey

This week’s sobering news from the UnitedHealth Group serves as a wake-up call to anyone in healthcare services. For better or worse, a consumer-driven health economy has put individual consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to how, when … Continue reading


Meanwhile, if you’ve been thinking about signing up for a pass to the next Health 2.0 conference there’s still a little time - about a week - left to qualify for our early bird rates. Health 2.0 Connecting Consumers and … Continue reading

HEALTH 2.0 Dyson, Kibbe join advisory board

We’re pleased to announce that Esther Dyson of EDventure Holdings has agreed to serve on the Health 2.0 advisory board. Esther’s tech background is well known and second to none.  Esther has been watching, leading and guiding innovation in the … Continue reading

Tell us about your Health 2.0 company

We’re collecting information about companies in the Health 2.0 space. And have been for some time. Unfortunately what that usually means is that really interesting companies email us, then email us again to ask why we didn’t respond to the … Continue reading

Bosworth launches new Health 2.0 venture, by John Irvine

After several months of sometimes crazed speculation in the blogosphere and tech press about his last project, former Google Health architect Adam Bosworth says he is launching a new Health 2.0 company. The new firm, which will be known as … Continue reading

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