Marketplace: Johnson & Johnson launches YouTube channel

I’m excited to let you all know that Johnson & Johnson has just launched a health channel on You Tube! It’s called, creatively enough, the Johnson & Johnson health channel.

We’ve posted videos produced by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, presently an NBC-TV medial correspondent, who had worked at J&J for several years. She covers such topics as obesity, heart disease, cancer, and also reports on how to stay healthy with diet and fitness programs. In my opinion, the videos are excellent and have a lot of value. The videos are neither brand-related nor product-centric, though many of the videos cover disease states in which some of our operating companies participate.

Besides being a helpful source of information for the general public, this is as much as anything else, an experiment for Johnson & Johnson in the astronomically growing online video space. We’re hoping that other You Tube viewers and channels pick up these videos and share them with their own communities.  I’m really gratified that we were able to do this, in the interest of health care consumers, and also because it’s a lot of fun!

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  1. Paul says:

    Given the relative ease of setting up a custom YouTube channel, it is surprising that more brands don't embrace this option as a way to kick the tires in the social media/online video space. Looking forward to seeing how J&J makes this work for their brand.

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