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The America COMPETES Act and Health 2.0

On Tuesday Congress passed the America COMPETES Act, which provides all agencies with broad authority to conduct prize competitions, as called for by President Obama in his 2009 Strategy for American Innovation. This Act will make it dramatically easier for agencies to use prizes and challenges to inspire innovation and solve tough problems.

At Health 2.0 we of course welcome this Act and we’re proud that in a small way we’ve been leading the way in health care technology prizes. In fact we have just launched the second round of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, and with the America COMPETES Act and some other private initiatives we think this whole health care prizes space will grow dramatically. We launched the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge hoping to drive creativity and innovation, but we didn’t honestly expect it to become so big and generate such enthusiasm. Since the launch of the Developer Challenge we have had more than 15 organizations sponsor a competition and more than 50 teams create applications to solve serious health care problems.

So we welcome the America COMPETES Act as the Health 2.0 community continues to grow and spread innovation around the world.

To see the full Congress Grants Broad Prize Authority to All Federal Agencies article, please CLICK HERE.

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