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Launch! Healogica-Clinical Trials Recruitment service

First up is an innovative clinical trial recruitment service called Healogica. And yes it’s new (which is the point of Launch). Watch the short video below to get an idea and investigate further over at Healogica

2 Responses to Launch! Healogica-Clinical Trials Recruitment service

  1. Judy Feder says:

    Having used many clinical trial search services, I like the Healogica UI very much (with the exception of the way you exit out of a trial description, which wasn't immediately intuitive and caused me to exit the system altogether).
    However, with all clinical trial searching, the devil is in the details, and I haven't found an online system that asks enough questions (or the right questions) to deliver a truly targeted set of results.
    Most trials determine eligibility based on prior treatment regimens, including the number of regimens and the meds used. That should be part of a patient profile. Ditto whether the patient is currently stable, or has recently progressed.
    I think a profile should also indicate whether a patient is interested in Phase I/II trials, or only later phases.
    It's a conundrum, although not one of Healogica's making, that patients are most motivated to seek trials when they've been heavily pre-treated and conventional therapies are no longer working, whereas most trials want patients with not more than one prior line of treatment and stable (or even no evidence of) disease.

  2. What we need to do is to gain more knowledge in this field and improve it more. There lots of things that we need to work for for us to achieve our goal.

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