Health 2.0′s shiny & new web site is alive

So it took a little while, but Health 2.0 has a brand new website as of today. Thanks to Edbury Enegren, Mike Fleisher, Hillary McCowen, Lizzie Dunklee, Silas Reeves, & Lauren Golik who’ve all worked really hard while ably managed/slave-driven by my wonderful partner Indu Subaiya.

So finally all in one place will be information about the Health 2.0 Conference, feeds from Twitter & the Health 2.0 Blog, and links to all the video that we’ve taken at the conference and produced over the last two years.

And of course if you have registered for a conference, you can still access the Health 2.0 network to connect with all of your fellow attendees in the Health 2.0 community.

Please go visit and look around.

One Response to Health 2.0′s shiny & new web site is alive

  1. Petra Weiss says:

    I just found your website and your blog and am pretty excited, because it seems like there is a lot of great information on your sites! Thanks!

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