The Big Day for Health 2.0

I can’t hope to capture all that’s happening, but here’s two big pieces of news. Myca just received an investment from Sandbox, the Blues venture fund. You can hear an interview I did with Nat Findlay, Myca CEO from a few days back here. You can see Myca both on the Clinical Groupware panel on Day 1 (today!) and in a sponsored Deep Dive on day 2.

And Keas, Adam Bosworth’s company, is formally launching on Day 2 and gets its own article in the NY Times today. You’ll be hearing more about this, and platforms and unplatforms throughout the conference!

Finally, THCB & Health 2.0 has its own little news. JD Kleinke (the Arriana Huffington of health care!) is emerging from a long period of seclusion and both pens his first article as a a THCB contributor today, but is also a very late addition to the “Can Health 2.0 Make Health Care More Affordable” panel at Health 2.0 today!

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  1. Dear Matthew,
    There is a new healthcare documentary, The Vanishing Oath, about a doctor who confronts the disillusionment he feels for his chosen career.Searching for answers to his dilemma, he journeys across the U.S. and back in this profoundly moving film.
    For those in the New York area, the movie is open to the public for a one-day-only pre-screening at a NY festival on Oct. 25th.
    Please go to for further details and ticket purchase information. There will be a lively question and answer session upon completion of the film.
    Nancy Pando, LICSW, Producer
    Crash Cart

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