The Health 2.0 Show, today, 11am PST; special guest Thomas Goetz

Today is the day that Indu Subaiya and I kick off our new series of Health 2.0 webinars. We’ve cutely called it the Health 2.0 Show, with Indu & Matthew. Almost a riff on the Tonight Show with Leno and Conan. It’s today at 11 am PST, that’s 2pm PST or 7pm in most of Europe

And if getting to listen to me and Indu wasn’t enough incentive to sign up, I will be giving a quick overview of the brand new Health 2.0 Advisors’ report The Past and Future of Health 2.0 and our very special guest will be Wired Editor, Thomas Goetz. Thomas has just written a fascinating book called The Decision Tree, which studies in depth the latest on personalized medicine, Health 2.0 and much more. He’ll be giving us a taste of the book and be showing us a fun widget that Wired is going to introduce shortly.

This will be a really fun and educational forty minutes. And the cost is zero dollars!  To sign up click here

2 Responses to The Health 2.0 Show, today, 11am PST; special guest Thomas Goetz

  1. Hi Matthew and Indu. Congratulations on the kickoff. and looking forward to this at 7pm in the UK/Ireland and 8pm on the Continent.

  2. Aurora says:

    I think this is great. As someone also working on web health and medical resources for the general public, it's great to see what my compatriots are up to. Great work and good luck with your show!
    Aurora @ MDiTV (a new television network for the web, featuring daily health and medicine shows)

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