Health 2.0 Webinar on EMRs, meaningful use & clinical groupware

The Health 2.0 crew is in Paris—yes Health 2.0 Europe is next week (April 6 & 7) but the Health 2.0 clock is still running in the US with conferences in Florida for physicians on April 24, and in Washington DC on June 7.

We have a special conference for physicians at the Sawgrass Marriott, Ponte Verde, FL on April 24. Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office is going to focus on EMRs, the ARRA & meaningful use requirements, and the emerging space of clinical groupware—modular SaaS based applications that help physician workflow, help make practices more efficient, and help physicians communicate better with patients.

In order to give a taster of what will be happening in Florida, tomorrow Tuesday 30 March at 10 am PST, 1pm EST (and yes for us 7pm Europe time), we’re going to have a version of The Health 2.0 Show with Indu & Matthew, that will focus on EMRs and clinical groupware.

The webinar will feature a discussion with three iconoclasts in the EMR world. They are:

These three have very strong opinions about physicians, their EMR use, and clinical groupware—it’s sure to be a fascinating discussion.

And the webinar is (as always) free. You can sign up here

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