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How an iPad can give a voice to special needs children

Jo Ashline is a columnist for the Orange County Register who regularly writes about parenting special needs children. We were particularly interested in her recent piece discussing the therapeutic use of iPads with non-verbal children and wanted to share it … Continue reading

Adam Bosworth on the Keas Challenge and the 3 things still missing in Health 2.0

We caught up with Adam Bosworth, CEO of Keas this week who had some new updates on the Keas API challenge including the open authoring environment and a new feature which will allow for more social engagement on the site. … Continue reading

Forida 2010: Practice Fusion Demonstration

Subtext: Demonstration by Robert Rowley from Practice Fusion at the Health 2.0 Florida Conference, April 24, 2010. A platform for doctors where one can easily gather information about patients, medications, appointments and so on.

Health 2.0 Washington DC Conference: Interview with Gilles Frydman

Subtext: Interview with Gilles Frydman, Founder and President of ACOR, at the Health 2.0 Goes to Washington Conference, June 7, 2010. ACOR is an online community for cancer patients.

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