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Some News Bites

While we’ve been prepping for the new Health 2.0 News site/blog, a few items crossed our transom:

Phreesia, they of the orange check-in pads for doctors’ offices, have added a module for diabetes that helps physicians better understand what their patients have been up to and how they’re understanding their condition. Phreesia’s real business model though is in helping doctors collect co-pays and taking a slice of each transaction.

EveryDay Health, which runs a large network of consumer sites including EveryDay Health, South Beach Diet, What to Expect and many more, took its first step into the professional realm by purchasing MedPage Today. It’s a play to get at some of those pharma advertising dollars that WebMD has successfully corralled in its Medscape subsidiary. KevinMD, home of physician blogger Kevin Pho, comes along with the deal; his site was previously part of MedPage.

Perennial Health 2.0 favorites American Well stay busy. Their deal with Optum continues to pick up steam. Optum brands the online care service NowClinic and after testing in Texas as of late November it’s available all over Minnesota. Californians waiting to use the American Well online care service will have to wait to see if the deal with Wellpoint, announced earlier this year, will include the Golden State in its first phase.

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