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Today’s DC Code-a-Thon Demos

Today’s Washington DC Code-a-thon marked the launch of some of Health 2.0’s most exciting platforms. Health and Human Services (HHS) unveiled their long awaited Health Indicators Warehouse and Chris Haffer announced the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Data Sets that will be released next Tuesday as a part of Healthdata.gov’s larger data launch. We at Health 2.0 are thrilled to see such progress and are truly honored to facilitate such a disruptive moment in the evolution of healthcare’s open data ecosystem.

The day kicked off with Todd Park, CTO of HHS announcing the public launch of the Nation’s most comprehensive set of community healthcare data. HHS’s Health Indicators Warehouse will now be serving as the data hub for the HHS Community Health Data Initiative. It contains standardized health outcome and health determinant indicators along with associated evidence-based interventions, which can be easily displayed, and will benefit a broad variety of users. In other words, it’s the Thanksgiving feast of healthcare data.

Although these datasets are only hours old, code-a-thon developers have already built amazing products with them! Tune in to our USTREAM at 5:30pm EST to hear live demos of functioning applications built in less than 8 hours. Videos of the demos will be posted on our Washington DC Developer Challenge page in the coming week.

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